CEFE (competency based economies – formation of enterprise) is an extensive hands-on training toolbox. CEFE serves to develop competency in the areas of income, job retention and economic development in disadvantaged sectors of societies. It is used in German development cooperation, especially in the global South.  Because the method is flexible and thematically adaptable (e.g., to ecological conservation, social diversity, integration of immigrants), it is open to a broad range of applications.

Additionally, I offer participatory data collection and assessment methods from the Participatory-Rapid-Appraisal (PRA) toolbox. PRA incorporates methods which stem from the social sciences and the idea parts from the concept of “education from the base”.


  • Training in CEFE-methodology
  • Application of CEFE-methodology in development projects (local population)
  • Training in participatory rapid appraisal (PRA) methodology
  • Participatory data collection in development projects (local population, other stakeholders)